What’s for Breakfast? Eat Like a “Biggest Loser”

Have you been watching The Biggest Loser? It’s really an amazing show. Almost every contestant has lost over 100 lbs!! That’s freakin awesome! But it wouldn’t have been accomplished without the help of their trainers, including a new member of the training team, Cara Castronuova. And to help others she’s sharing some svelte breakfast choices

Want to get lean by summer? To lose up to 12 pounds in 4 weeks, do Cara’s workout and follow her simple diet plan: Aim to eat around 1,300 calories per day (roughly 350 calories each for breakfast and lunch, 300 calories for dinner, plus three 100-calorie snacks), making sure to munch on something every three hours to stay satisfied and curb cravings.

Cara’s shape-up-for-summer meal plan

• One serving steel-cut oatmeal topped with small sliced banana, a sprinkling of berries, and a drizzle of honey or dash of raw sugar on top. Add 3 scrambled egg whites cooked with a cooking spray and broccoli or spinach.
• Two slices high-fiber whole-wheat toast, each with an egg on top. Add a grapefruit or an orange.
• A low-calorie yogurt (under 120 calories per serving), plus one serving of high-fiber cereal with one cup skim milk or soymilk.

And for the morning muchies Cara suggests these low calorie snacks…

• Low-fat yogurt topped with mixed berries.
• String cheese with a few whole grain crackers or a slice of light whole-wheat toast.
• 10 almonds and a small apple.
• A few slices of low-sodium turkey or chicken breast, plus celery or carrot sticks.
• A cup of grapes with a serving of low-fat cheese

Also, be sure to drink at least eight large glasses of water or seltzer per day, adding a squeeze of lemon or lime juice or a splash of cranberry juice for refreshing flavor. It actually sounds like a lot of food to eat in the morning to me but almost exactly what I do eat. At least I’m on the right track :). What will you be eating this morning?


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