Opening Day is Upon Us: Eating Healthy at Yankee Stadium

That’s right, opening day at Yankee Stadium, if you’re one of the lucky attendees I hope you brought your umbrellas! It’s looking like it will be one rainy day in the Bronx. But if you’d like to take cover you can discover some of the many healthy eating options available. Yes! Unbelievable I know! I’ve seen the calorie counts for the popcorn, near some 2000 calories! Crazy!

It is possible, if you can dodge the cheese steaks on your right, the buttery popcorn on your left and the huge pastrami sandwich straight ahead! First stop? Sushi from Soy Kitchen, their spicy tuna and salmon rolls fall under 200 calories a piece. You can pair these up with a side of edamame for one healthy and delicious ball park meal. 🙂 If you’re feeling in the mood for Asian food but not into the whole sushi craze, stop over at Noodle Bowls for  chicken, beef and tofu noodle bowls which are packed with veggies and clock in at about 350 calories or less!

If you’re feeling up for a sandwich, burger or a slice of pizza (it’s ok to splurge a little) there are some healthier choices you can make from some not so healthy menus. Grab a slice of pizza from Famous Famiglia for just 260 calories, less fat and fewer additives than a small, dirty water hot dog (as I like to call them). I know if you live in the city you’re well acquainted with Brother Jimmy’s and you also know good and well that this is not the healthiest place to eat! However, if you’re craving some amazing BBQ sandwiches take aim for the BBQ Pulled Chicken Sandwich or a Rocket Single Burger from Johnny Rockets, it’s a reasonable splurge and a better bet than their mini sliders.

Finally if you are still hungry you can grab some dessert from Melissa’s. It’s a little fruit stand that offers organic fruit and fresh salads. I’d count this as the most nutritious stand at the stadium and is also known to have the shortest line! Fruit just won’t do it for you? Grab some cotton candy, it may not be incredibly healthy but it’ll satisfy your desire for sweets for just a faction of the calories of Cracker Jacks, pretzels, popcorn and even soft serve from Carvel. (stay strong!)

These are just a few of the healthiest ball park finds, just in time for the opening game. I hope you all enjoy your time. I know I can’t wait to get out there! Go Yankees!!

Have you tried eating healthy at Yankees Stadium? Are you as appalled as I was to read some of the calorie counts on the menus? I couldn’t believe my eyes!

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    Go Yankees!!!