Two Restaurant Openings Tomorrow in NYC!

I am so excited for these openings I can hardly stand it! And I’m almost equally excited to find out when the Neely’s Barbecue Parlor will be opening on the Upper East, still no date yet. But I’ve already purchased my voucher from Gilt City for food & drinks at DohYO, opening tomorrow, June 15th at the Yotel (570 10th Ave) in Hell’s Kitchen.

I don’t know if anyone is aware of the YOTEL, which just opened on June 1st, in Hell’s Kitchen. It’s a very purple, extremely modern, “true haven of calm“. I first learned about the Yotel’s hot new restaurant, DohYO, from who described the restaurant as a “Japanese-inspired joint [that] incorporates high-tech touches into its sparse Sumo-ring inspired design, with a solid circle of white banquettes surrounding hydraulic tables that rise up from the floor.” Sounds so cool!

Which is why I was beyond ecstatic when I got my email selling $50 vouchers to DohYO that includes 6 dishes of your choice & 2 signature cocktails! I couldn’t pass it up, and neither should you, this voucher is valued at $84, that’s a 40% discount. And I don’t see this restaurant being a flop, if DohYO is anything like what it sounds I’m sure the trendy crowd will soon take over.

Thrillist really sold the place listing plates ranging from “plum-sauced pork & foie gras gyoza, Colorado lamb leg w/ cuke yogurt, and Wagyu brisket arepas, to steamed Alaskan crab dumplings, halibut sliders topped with chile remoulade, and chipotle aioli’d Crunchy Shrimp”. Plus their communal tables will surely make for an uber-lively dining scene. 🙂


If you’ve ever been to NYC’s Little Italy, there is no way you walked down Mulberry St. without noticing Umberto’s Clam House. In my opinion, only about 1 in 10 of the restaurants in Little Italy are anything but a tourist trap and (no offense) but Umberto’s was no exception. That’s why I’m happy to announce the opening of Crudo Vineria Con Cucina, who is filling in the spot that Umberto’s used to occupy.

Another hopeful restaurant brought to my attention by a Thrillist newsletter, which goes as follows…

“the crew behind CVCC (whose backgrounds range from Via Dei Mille and Juliet Supperclub, to Naples, which is a city, and not a club) has kept the “famous lights of the metal sign”, but altered the interior to resemble a quaint coastal Italian home, with hues of yellow, blue, and red accented by cherry wainscoting, sea life murals, and a white marble raw bar. Focused almost exclusively on simply prepared seafood, raw bar fare (yes, including clams) is on hand to whet appetites for distinctly Med starters including a range of tartars (wild salmon w/ artichoke mousse & fried crostini, fennel-topped sea bass), fried cuttlefish with spicy tomato coulis, and cantaloupe plated w/ crispy prosciutto and lobster pulp, a crustacean that’s used to being hard-boiled. Flying in all of their fish directly from Italy, more substantial stomach-stickers include pastas like angel hair with sea urchin, and fat tubes studded with diced swordfish and pistachios, plus less carb-errific options like seared tuna steak with braised onions & fava beans, and broccoli rabe/citrus vinaigrette-topped whole aged red mullet, which can often be found listening to Strypers.

Of course they also have a few meatier items (thinly sliced filet with shaved grana cheese, Cornish game hen cooked under a brick), and everything can be washed down with a selection from the 100-plus wine list, which focuses on Sicilian, Calabrian, and Puglian small producers, just one more thing Bloomberg has no time for.

The rest of their coastal-inspired eats are right here and they’re awesome

I can’t help to be initially skeptical in an extremely hopeful way! That is why I cannot wait for the opening tomorrow, June 15th. And although I will not be making my way to Mulberry Street for dinner immediately, I will soon follow (crowds and me after 9 or more hours at work don’t do so well together ;)), so be on the look out for my review!

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