10 Best Hot Dogs in NYC!

I know they aren’t good for you, and you’re only supposed to have 1 every 3 months or something along those lines but hot dogs are seriously delicious. I don’t care what anyone says! Salty, tender, juicy, wrapped in a fluffy bun. Yumm…and there is no shortage in NYC. You can find any old hot dog on every corner (and a couple in between), not surprising, the hot dog was first created in New York City. But if you’re looking for a really great hot dog, not just run of the mill, this list is here to help you my hot dog loving friend :)…

Who better to help out but the writers & editors at nyc10best.com and CBS, thanks guys & gals!

#10 Bark Hot Dogs. Located at 474 Bergen St, Brooklyn, NY. Good, large hot dogs but on the expensive end.  Bark’s also serves a vegetarian dog made from mushrooms and chickpeas. Try the bacon cheddar dog or the chili cheese hot dog.

#9 The Smoke Joint. Located at 87 South Elliot Place, Brooklyn, NY. For a change from Smoke Joint’s BBQ, go for their Black Angus hot dog.  Unique toppings include their BBQ meat (pork, chicken, or beef).  Hot links are worth a try as well.

#8 Nathan’s Famous.Original location: 1310 Surf Avenue, Coney Island, Brooklyn but there are many, many other locations throughout New York City and the US. Nathan’s Famous kosher beef hot dogs are the most famous hot dog name in America and can be found in many supermarkets.  Nathan’s original location in Coney Island, Brooklyn hosts the most popular hot dog eating contest in the world on July 4th. 

#7  Shake Shack. Original location:  Madison Square Park, near Madison Avenue and East 23rd Street since then other locations have opened, 366 Columbus Avenue, 154 E 86th St & Citi Field – Home of the New York Mets. 

#6 Gray’s Papaya. Two locations in NYC, 402 Ave of Americas @ 8th St & 2090 Broadway @ 72nd Street. A Manhattan fast food staple modeled after Papaya King with good, inexpensive dogs and fruit juices.  Perfect for those times you need to eat quickly and cheap.  The recession special is $3.50 for 2 hot dogs and a 14 oz drink.  One of the best fast food joints in the city.

#5 Asia Dog. Located at 66 Kenmare Street between Mott and Mulberry in Nolita. Want a little kimchi with your frank? Catch up with Asia Dog at the Brooklyn Flea, Central Park and wherever outdoor fun is being had. There grab a “Sidney,” a Thai-style dog with relish,  mango, cucumber, red onion, cilantro, crushed peanuts and fish sauce. Or try an “Ito,” topped with Japanese curry and homemade kimchi apples.

#4 Papaya King. Located at 179 E 86th Street. In 1932, a Greek immigrant named Gus Puolos decided to open a fruit and juice stand.  He imported tropical fruit which was new to New Yorkers at that time. Eventually the papaya and fruit drinks became a huge hit and he opened several other juice stores throughout New York City.  With his juice shop in the Upper East Side he was exposed to German foods and fell in love with a German-American named Birdie.  She suggested selling frankfurters alongside the juices and the rest is history.  Another fast food legend in New York City.

#3 Katz Delicatessen. Located at 205 E Houston Street. With some of the most renowned meals in town it’s no surprise their hot dogs are some of the best in New York City. For the real experience do not use the waiter service, go up to the counter and order yourself.  To order a hot dog, go the far right counter closet to the window facing Houston St.  Reasonably priced hot dogs at around $3.  This place is known around the world and is always crowded. 

#2 Ditch Plains Restaurant. Original location: 29 Bedford St in the West Village, but since then they’ve added locations at 100 W 82nd St @ Columbus Ave &  Brooklyn Bridge Park- Pier 1 Gatehouse. Here’s a handheld breakfast for you: American cheese and an egg any way, served on top of a frank. If a morning meal isn’t your aim, try one American classic on top of another – Ditch Plains also offers Sloppy Joe Dogs and hot dogs smothered in mac ’n’ cheese.

#1 Crif Dogs. Located at 113 St Marks Place. The mother of all whacked-out hot dog topping places. Cream cheese on your dog? Check. Bacon wrapped with avocados and sour cream? Check. Bacon, teriyaki, pineapple, and green onions? Check. We could go on and on, but if you want to experiment with your dog, this is the place. Trust us. They also have the coolest phone booth in the city. Ever heard of Please Don’t Tell? Rated one of the top Speakeasies in the city.

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