Spicy Red Peppers May Help You Eat Less!

And isn’t that always the problem? You may be eating healthy but then the snacking kicks in and you just can’t stop. According to another great article from Time Magazine today, even a reasonable amount of red pepperconsumption may suppress that snack craving.

It’s long been known that spicy red peppers can help suppress appetite and burn calories. But most scientific studies of red peppers’ properties used quantities of the stuff that were too large to be applicable to Americans. Now, researchers report that even a reasonable amount of red pepper consumption may do the trick.

The experiment involved 25 normal-weight participants — 13 who liked spicy food and 12 who did not — who spent six weeks sprinkling cayenne pepper on their food. The researchers found that the capsaicin — the compound that gives red peppers its burn — raised the body’s core temperature during digestion in all participants, so everyone burned more calories after eating. Only the people who were not accustomed to eating spicy food benefited from the appetite-suppressing factor: these participants reported a decrease in hunger, especially for fatty, sugary and salty foods.

Red peppers may not be a panacea for weight loss, but if you’re trying to cut down on calories before swimsuit season, it doesn’t hurt to add them to your plate.

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