A Mango Royale Guest Post!

Recently I got an email from a New York City Eats reader, Alison. I always love hearing from my readers and this time she had a request. 🙂 Alison wanted to guest post and I think that’s awesome. I wish I heard from readers like her more often! If you ever want to post one of your own delicious creations on my blog I am all for it. Who am I to deny the world of a drool-worthy bake less dessert like this Mango Royale?!

Without any further ado…here’s Alison!


Mango Royale, Dessert for All Occasions

Looking for a delicious dessert to add to your already appetizing menu? You don’t need to be good with baking to whip up a sumptuous dish! Mango Royale is a mouth-watering dessert you can make for different kinds of occasion. So, whether you are preparing for a formal dinner or a simple get-together with your family and friends, you can be sure this dessert will go well with your menu and won’t disappoint your guests.

People of all ages love Mango Royale. This dessert is also called Mango Float or Mango Refrigerator Cake.

Things You Need

Here are some things you need to get started with this easy-to-do dessert.

  • 2 to 3 ripe mangoes
  • A box of graham crackers
  • A can of condensed milk
  • A can of nestle cream or all-purpose cream
  • A rectangular glass baking dish

These things are not hard to find. Take a quick trip to your local neighborhood grocery store, like Walmart and you’ll find most of these there.

Getting Started

The first thing you have to do is to prepare the dish you’d be using for your Mango Float. If you don’t have a rectangular glass baking dish, you can use a different container, provided it is big and deep enough to allow you to have a few layers for your mango float.

Do you plan to take out the Mango Float and place the dish on the dinner table? If so, using a glass baking dish is a good idea as it is more presentable than say, using a plastic food container.

Prepare Your Cream

Mix a can of condensed milk and all-purpose cream in a bowl. Depending on the number of layers you plan to do and the size of your container, you may adjust the measurements for the cream.  To lay better results keep it chilled while you are preparing your mangoes.

Prepare Your Mangoes

Rinse the mangoes thoroughly under running water.  Carefully peel of the skin and slice the mangoes into thin strips. You can have as much mangoes as you like for your Mango Float. Set this aside on a plate so you can start preparing the cream.

Putting them All Together

Get your glass baking dish and place eight to ten pieces of graham crackers, depending on the size of the container.  This is going to be the base of your cake. Make sure to arrange the crackers properly. Pour a thin layer of cream on the graham crackers. Evenly spread the cream so that it entirely covers the graham crackers completely. Put another layer of graham crackers and cream, this time making the layer of cream a little thicker. Do this another time to finish your layers.

Take the sliced mangoes you prepared earlier and arrange them on top of the cream. You can also put thinly sliced mangoes in between layers.  If you want to have a beautiful presentation, you can arrange the slices creatively. For instance, you can arrange them like a flower and use the slices as petals.  When doing this, you have to make sure that most of the top layer is covered with mangoes, this way, you can be confident that your guest will have at least a small slice of mango in his or her piece of cake.

Put the dish inside the refrigerator for at least half an hour before serving. Voila! You have an instant dessert that is not difficult to prepare and very friendly on the pocket.


Use a nearly overripe mango than a newly ripen mango. Why? A new ripen one is somewhat sour or not that sweet.

Avoid mangoes that already have dark spots.

When your graham cracker or any crackers don’t fit on the pan cut small pieces of it to fill empty spaces or you can use the crushed graham.

Mix the cream and the condensed milk as long as you can or use an electric mixer to double or increase the volume of the mixture.

Don’t make the mango slices too small.

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