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Homemade Jalapeno-Bacon Tortilla Chips & Zesty Guacamole

Tweet I have to say – this weather we’re getting in NYC is really making my world a lot brighter! Thank you Spring! I can’t get enough of warm weather, even if right now it’s the lower side of warm, I’ll take it! Sunday was seriously the Spring cleaning and clearing out the kitchen day. […]

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6 Superfoods for Flat Abs!

Tweet Wouldn’t we all love to have a flat stomach? Especially now that it’s bikini time. Luckily for us there are foods out there that actually help to flatten the belly. An article from Self.com by  Liz Plosser tells us how these superfoods’ trimming powers will help you uncover a toned, summer-ready tummy. Avocados. Superpower: fights […]

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