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Arborio Rice Cake w/ Peas & Prosciutto – From the Binders of M&P

Tweet I am a huge fan of risotto, anyone else? That’s why when I found this recipe in M&P’s binders last night for an Arborio Rice Cake I just had to try it. I had some prosciutto in the fridge and bag of frozen peas and I thought that sounded pretty amazing together. And it was… […]

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Pecan Biscotti – From the Binders of M&P

Tweet Sticking with the theme of yesterday, where I had mentioned my decision between Rosemary Focaccia & Biscottis (focaccia won out that time), I figured I’d go back into the Binders & test the Biscotti waters last night. In the binder it actually says Tommi’s Biscotti – Tommi is my aunt, so I’m giving her a […]

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Rosemary Focaccia – From the Binders of M&P

Tweet Last night I started going through some cookbooks my Mommom gave me after Poppie passed away. I was going to start making breads, since that’s what Poppie used to do all the time. And recently my 101 yr old great-aunt Carm thought I was my grandmother for a couple minutes and asked about my […]

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