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Chicken Pot Pie Sliders

Tweet Recently I received a request to join something called the Foodie100, I was pretty excited and I figured why not?! I had to submit 3 original recipes to be accepted and I’m a little sad that I can’t place the actual recipe for these Chicken Pot Pie Sliders on my blog. But at least […]

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Cooking & Flour – Which Flour to Use & When to Use it!

Tweet I always wonder why some recipes call for bread flour, some for all purpose, some for pastry. Or why certain recipes don’t work when switching the recipe from all purpose to cake flour or whole wheat flour to pastry. We learned about this briefly in culinary school but it’s hard to remember all the facts. […]

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What’s for Lunch? Monte Cristo Stuffed Dill Biscuits!

Tweet Doesn’t that sound scrumptious?! These dill biscuits alone are to die for, especially when smeared with honey butter. Yum, reminds me of the biscuits & honey butter from Devon in Philadelphia, so good! The traditional Monte Cristo isn’t baked but since we’ll be cooking the biscuits with the Monte Cristo inside that is exactly […]

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