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PHC Stromboli

Tweet When I was younger, probably 15-20 years ago, my Poppie used to make the most amazing stromboli. I’m not talking about the fake stromboli they sell in Philly that’s actually a calzone (very sneaky!!) or even the stromboli you can get up here in the NYC pizzerias. I’m talking about dough that’s layered with meats & […]

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Crusty Garlic Parmesan Pull-Apart Bread!

Tweet Lucky for me I get to leave the office early today. Yay! So this may be my last post, we’ll see if I can squeeze something in before then. At least I’m leaving you with a solid, delicious recipe for Pull-Apart Bread. I decided to go with a garlic & parmesan cheese mixture, and […]

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Cooking & Flour – Which Flour to Use & When to Use it!

Tweet I always wonder why some recipes call for bread flour, some for all purpose, some for pastry. Or why certain recipes don’t work when switching the recipe from all purpose to cake flour or whole wheat flour to pastry. We learned about this briefly in culinary school but it’s hard to remember all the facts. […]

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