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All Time BEST Bread Pudding EVER!

Tweet And I do mean ever! Seriously, I don’t know if it is the bread that Fairway Market sent over (thanks Susan!! It’s delicious!), the ridiculously amazing recipe from Bon Appetit, or the substitution of Cognac in place of Bourbon but this bread pudding is — OUT OF THIS WORLD. Some of you maybe going, […]

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French Toast Bread Pudding Cups

Tweet In staying with the theme of portion control and lower calories I thought why not make individual portions of bread pudding…that taste like french toast! And I did some quick substitutions to make it a lower calorie option than the norm, without taking away from the taste! Honestly I had a bunch of egg […]

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Leftover Creation: Bagel Pudding w/ Blueberries & Bacon!

Tweet Morning all! Last night I was trying to figure out how to use the many many bagels that we have at the house from Sunday’s catering. It’s about the only thing we had left, besides bagels is a couple pieces of bacon, a few eggs and a thing of blueberries. So I thought hmm what […]

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