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8 Foods that Trigger Headaches

Tweet Some are obvious. I know that if I’m drinking red wine, I’m in for a headache with extreme tiredness. If I start downing a Slurpee, I get a huge brain freeze, can’t even see for a minute. There are foods that you are almost prepared to feel these symptoms, but what if you’re getting […]

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6 Tips to Boost Your Mood & Metabolism

Tweet Have you ever noticed that your mood shifts after eating certain foods? I know we all feel it after a large cup of joe, am I right? It shouldn’t come as a surprise that foods you eat, and the eating habits you’ve formed effect both your mood and metabolism. But who really knows which […]

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Health Benefits of Drinking Tea & Where To Get Some in NYC!

Tweet Many of you are probably sipping over a hot cup of tea right now whether its black, green, ginger or chai (my fav is Tazo’s Passion tea, it’s hot pink!), there are lots of reasons to enjoy. These include but aren’t limited to the wonderful aroma of the various flavors, the hand warming quality […]

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