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Fight Hunger by Feeling Full Longer

Tweet Recently I’ve been soooo hungry even after meals. I usually try to stave that off with a ton of water but I’d rather not feel those hunger pangs at all. Often I end up eating something I shouldn’t, like a bag of deliciously fattening chips. 😉 Luckily I found this great article on Everyday […]

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Diet Do-Overs: Fixes for Top Diet Hitches!

Tweet In every diet I’ve ever tried I’ve  always run into at least one problem. Either I’m hungry or I’m tired or I’m not losing weight at all. Self.com posted a great article of expert backed fixes for Diet Do-Overs to Help You Lose Weight by Courtney Rubin. I wish I had seen these fixes years […]

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Calorie Counting – 3 Rules to Live By

Tweet Tracking your calories is a proven weight loss strategy, but too few Americans tally their intake – or even know how to. Here’s how to sharpen your calorie counting skills to slim down healthfully. According to a new survey from the International Food Information Council (IFIC) Foundation, a not-for-profit health education organization, a scant 9% […]

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