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Chicken & Maple Waffle Cupcakes!

Tweet The first thought is probably “What the *!%$??” But I promise you that it’s good! I know we’ve all heard of chicken & waffles, well this is just a nice little spin on that. I was a little nervous I must admit but when there were only 5 cupcakes left at the end of the […]

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Peanut Butter Cup Birthday Cupcakes!

Tweet At my office in midtown Manhattan we get an email sent to us every month with the birthdays coming up, then we get to choose a cake for our own day. It’s pretty awesome, I get the most amazing red velvet cake (was on Oprah’s O list!) every year. Yesterday, my friend who was […]

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Strawberry Shortcake Muffins w/ Light Whipped Cream Cheese Icing!

Tweet Yes I certainly am on a strawberry kick! 🙂 I just can’t get enough. So sweet & delicious, perfect for Spring time. And these tasty little muffins are just the right amount of berries & cream! The picture probably could have used a mint leaf (and I’m sure it would have tasted great also) […]

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