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Fight Hunger by Feeling Full Longer

Tweet Recently I’ve been soooo hungry even after meals. I usually try to stave that off with a ton of water but I’d rather not feel those hunger pangs at all. Often I end up eating something I shouldn’t, like a bag of deliciously fattening chips. 😉 Luckily I found this great article on Everyday […]

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10 Ways to Cut 100 Calories

Tweet I’m always looking for new ways to cut a couple calories from the meals I’m making, the lunch I’m eating and the snacks that keep me satisfied through out the day. You wouldn’t believe how much the little things really help you lose weight. I’m always looking for new tips to help better my […]

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4 Tips to Help Lose the Last 10 Lbs!

Tweet I have been trying to lose these last 7 lbs for sooooo long! It’s been tough, and I’m hoping that I’m not alone here. I’ve been looking for some tips, hints, tricks to help me get to my final goal and I found some great info from Everyday Health about Losing Those Last 10 […]

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