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8 Nuts That Are Crazy Good For You!

Tweet I always feel conflicted about nuts, I knew there were a bunch of health benefits (wasn’t really sure what they were) and I also knew they were higher in calories, so I was a little apprehensive to dig in to the nuts. The more I read the more I find that everyone should be […]

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The New Sonoma Diet – De-Stress & Slim Down

Tweet It’s been a while since I talked about a diet but I’ve actually never heard of this one and here we are already on a “New” version of it. On the Sonoma Diet website they claim 10 days for a trimmer waist & more energy. And you get to drink wine? Sounds pretty good […]

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Food for Thought: The Best Fish for Your Health

Tweet I don’t know what it is, every Friday I get a cooking/eating itch for fish. Since I’ve been eating so much fish, and cutting out more red meats I thought it might be important to know which fish are good for you and which can raise the levels of mercury in the body. I […]

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