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Individual Oven “Fried” Hash Brown Cakes for Daring Cooks Challenge!

Tweet I saw these cute little hash brown cakes on Pinterest this weekend and immediately knew that I was going to make them! I had a whole bag of potatoes and well I like eating them, this gave me a reason to. 🙂 Other wise it would have been all random baked potato eating at […]

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Easy Olive Oil Pizza Dough

Tweet Seriously, I need to start thinking about my posts while I’m cooking. For example, today I’m writing about a super easy, super quick, great recipe for pizza dough. You’d think by now I’d remember to take photos as I go. But, with all of the commotion of the Super Bowl and creating crazy dishes, […]

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Fried Dill Pickles & The Case of the Missing Recipe

Tweet It’s Friday, Friday, Friday…fun, fun, fun, fun. Ok I’ll stop, that song always gets in my head and I absolutely hate it. I’m in a pretty good mood today. We got our new bed frame and mattress yesterday and I had the best sleep last night than I had in a while. Thank you […]

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