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Perfect Party Apps

Tweet I know when the word “perfect” is used some people get skeptical but these are for sure crowd pleasers! I promise you. Both are family recipes, my mom & my mommom. Two amazing women who I have learned A LOT from, not just about cooking but in life. They’re the best. 🙂 Today I’m […]

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A Thanksgiving Dinner Party – Apt Cafe

Tweet I am SO behind! I feel like I’ve been cooking non stop and why have I not been sharing it here, I have no idea. Just going nuts. With all that said, I have plenty of recipes so you may get bombarded these next few days! 🙂 Fun stuff. This past Friday I had […]

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Pepperoni Stuffed Mushrooms!

Tweet I love love love these stuffed mushrooms, first because there is pepperoni in them and I’m a bit addicted and second because the mixture of ingredients cooked is too good, I could just spoon it right into my mouth instead of the mushrooms. These are a staple at both Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners but […]

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