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Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Truffles

Tweet I have to say after drooling over staring at Liz’s Cookie Dough Dip for two days I started getting a hankering for some cookie dough. I really wanted to just scoop some up with a spoon but I thought that might not look so attractive, so I went with the good old ball of […]

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Bacon Wrapped Filet Mignon & Brown Butter Lobster Risotto

Tweet If you can’t already tell we had an extremely decadent and rich dinner on Tuesday. I eased you in with the chocolate lava cake, then went straight into the drinkable taleggio cheese sauce served with oven roasted prosciutto wrapped asparagus but you’re yet to see the main event! It was really two parts, I’m […]

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Sea Scallops in Black Tie

Tweet On of my all time favorite recipes and definitely my most favorite recipe from culinary school is Daniel Boulud’s Maine Sea Scallops in Black Tie. Truly an incredibly fantastic and tasty dish, albeit a little pricey (but so worth it!). And the guests at my past dinner party had the chance to try it […]

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