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Toasty Turkey Reuben

Tweet So we’ve made it through the holidays. I hope everyone had a very Merry Kwanzachristmakkah! I’m sure your days (and possibly past two months) have been full of cooking & baking nonstop. Want a break? I have a super easy, delicious dinner for you… A tasty, Toasty Turkey Reuben! (Say that 5 times fast!) […]

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What’s for Lunch? A Healthier Turkey Reuben Sandwich!

Tweet I love a good old Reuben sandwich. Recently I took a trip to Brasserie 360 and had an AMAZING Turkey Reuben. I was trying to be (kind of) healthy, but you could tell from one look at the rye that this thing was either fried in oil or smothered in butter before it hit […]

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