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Braised Leeks w/ Dijon Vinaigrette

Tweet To me, leeks look like giant scallions. In school we’d use them, chopped up in dishes not as the main ingredient. So when I first started this recipe I was a little skeptical but even then it sounded delicious. What recipe from Bon Appetit doesn’t, am I right? Then I started cleaning the leeks, chopping […]

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Tomato Vinaigrette Seared Sea Scallops w/ Sauteed Spinach

Tweet I know I’ve told you guys about my freezer diet but I’ve been getting really tired of the same old bland frozen meal. I usually do throw some home cooked meals in between but I really wanted to lose weight and most of the time when I cook I just maintain. I realized that […]

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What’s for Lunch? Escarole Salad w/ Pancetta Vinaigrette & Poached Egg!

Tweet I figure while we’re talking eggs today, might as well throw one more technique at ya, and then use it in a delicious salad! Usually I like my escarole in soup & my poached eggs in an eggs bennie but these two are a perfect match! This is a delicious, nutritious salad that’s great […]

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